Therapeutic Support

Therapeutic Support

We are proud to offer our pupils a wide range of therapies to support their development and wellbeing.  Our team of professional therapists work with pupils to identify the best support for them and devise a programme of therapy to suit their specific needs.

We provide the following therapies in-house:

  • Speech and Language Therapy: our highly-trained speech and language therapists (SALTs) work with pupils to help them communicate better, providing tailored support and involving teachers and parents/carers in treatment programmes to consolidate progress;
  • Physiotherapy: a holistic approach which focuses on maintaining and improving movement;
  • Habilitation Support: Our fully qualified Habilitation Specialists work with pupils with vision impairment to maximise their personal mobility, navigational skills and Independent Living Skills. 
  • Lego Therapy: a play-based therapy which helps pupils to improve their social interaction skills.

We also work with external organisations to provide the following for pupils, where appropriate:

  • Occupational Therapy: occupational therapists help pupils to overcome any challenges they may face when completing everyday tasks, whether at home or at school. They work with pupils to come up with a practical, personalised plan to support them to achieve their goals and carry out specific activities, improving their confidence and allowing them to get the most out of their daily life;
  • Music Therapy: pupils receive visits from The Amber Trust, a charity which provides musical opportunities for blind and partially sighted children;
  • Pet Therapy: the charities Pets as Therapy and Therapy Dogs Nationwide visit pupils on a regular basis to enhance their wellbeing and social interaction skills. We also receive monthly visits from Treacle, a gentle horse from Urban Hooves, a not-for-profit which provides equestrian activities to those who would not ordinarily access them. Pupils enjoy stroking and feeding Treacle and find her visits very calming;
  • Emotional Wellbeing Support: we work with the Royal Society for Blind Children (RSBC) to provide emotional support specifically for vision impaired pupils.